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Faction: Empress
Role: Healer, but also wants to fight alongside the others when she can.
Current Mana Points: 0
Obtained Powers and Cost of Each:
Canon Abilities: Orihime's powers can be separated into two categories: her powers manifested through her hairpins (the Shun Shun Rikka), and her own natural spirit energy. With her spirit energy, Orihime is able to gauge the spiritual power of others by the strength of their souls, as well as regulate her own energy to let it blaze bright, or compress it to avoid detection from enemies (like Hollows) that would seek her out.

The Shun Shun Rikka is more complex, as they are comprised of six tiny spirits that are representative of different aspects of Orihime's own soul. Tsubaki is her offensive ability, and she uses him to cleave an enemy in two. Shun'ou and Lily allow Orihime to reject events within a limited space -- this is similar to healing, except that it's a sort of time reversal effect that prevents the injury from ever taking place to begin with, so her 'healing' means that there will be no scars or other indications that the person was ever attacked. Her limits with this power still haven't been reached, and objects are also affected (such as a person's clothes). This ability is sometimes viewed as the most dangerous, as it's entirely possible for her to reject someone's existence entirely. Thankfully, Orihime isn't nearly that awful, and she would never use her powers in such a way. The last three spirits, Hinagiku, Baigon, and Lily, form a shield that rejects attacks. This shield is almost unbreakable...ALMOST. Her powers are entirely dependent on her own strength of will, and if Orihime is emotionally compromised, this shield becomes brittle and easily shattered. More recently, Orihime has managed to combine Tsubaki with this shield for a combination that not only prevents attacks, but reflects them back upon the attacker. Her shield might seem powerful, but keep in mind that it only protects her from direct attacks aimed at her front. Tsukishima was able to appear behind her and run her through with his sword.

Current Status:
Just starting out, so we'll see!


Gender/Race: Men only (though she tolerates other women being familiar with her, she isn't interested in a romantic or sexual relationship). ICly, Orihime will be hung up on Ichigo for a long time, but this can change depending on CR.
Age: Preferably those that are either close to her age, but I can do older if the chemistry is good and the relationship makes sense.
Medium: All mediums are fine! I haven't seen any in the game I'd object to, anyway.
Rating: Most generic scenes with Orihime are going to be G or PG. She's pretty dorky. But I don't mind sexual or dark scenes, so just about any rating goes.


Is it okay for other players to contact you with thread or kink requests?: Yes, of course! PM me or put a tag in the CR meme whenever you like.
Are you comfortable playing with both factions, or just one?: Both!
Are there any powers other characters MAY NOT use on your character?: I'm a little iffy on brainwashing, or making her feel like she's enjoying forced sex when she really isn't. It isn't a hard no, but I'd rather plot it out first. Please ask first if you're not sure.


  • CR for anybody, serious or comedic -- smut not required
  • Vanilla
  • Romance
  • Consensual Sex
  • Non-Consensual Sex (receiving only)
  • Light Bondage (ropes, chains, silk ties)
  • Gangbanging (one or two at a time for actual sex, multiple fondlers/kissers awesome)
  • Use of any flat surface for passionate/rough sex (wall, table, bed, floor, etc.)
  • Stalking/kidnapping/lust/obsession
  • Struggles/subduals
  • Groping
  • Tentacle monsters, nameless antagonists/NPC's, humanoid attackers
  • Vanilla romance/sex
  • Man on top/classic missionary position
  • Throwing her onto the bed
  • Pinned wrists
  • Gags - Via Cloth/Hand/Mouth
  • Clothed Grinding/Thrusting
  • Breast fondling/sucking
  • Lactation/Milk Pumps
  • Heroic rescues
  • Creative storylines
  • Clothes-ripping
  • Dominant partners
  • Excessive semen
  • Sexual exhaustion
  • Multiple rounds/orgasms
  • Sex from behind (chest to back)

  • Light violence (slap, kick, nothing that would hurt her too badly)
  • Situations wildly out of character (e.g. making her the villain or experienced seductress)
  • Nipple pinching or biting
  • Humiliation
  • Use of drugs to erase inhibitions

  • Shota/Characters younger than Orihime
  • Killing, evisceration, gore, harsh violence, etc.
  • Masturbation
  • Toys
  • Yuri
  • Oral, giving or receiving
  • Consumption of semen
  • Anal
  • Doggy style
  • Tit#$*%ing (and other assorted misplacements of the dick)
  • Fingering/fisting
  • Incest
  • Sado-Masochism
  • Inflation


  • Orihime's abilities allow her to reverse the effects of events. It works like healing, but she might also be able to use it to remove someone's control band if the player allows it. I don't want to assume, though, so I won't make Orihime offer unless I hear from the player first. That goes for scars, inflicted injuries, lost limbs, etc. I would never want to rob someone of an interesting difficulty their character has overcome, so please feel free to let me know if you DO want her to fix something. She'd be overjoyed at the chance to help out!

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