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Name: Orihime Inoue
Level: 32
Class: Lass
Type: Fairy, Normal
Ability: Child of the Verdant Forest: The Trainer is blessed by the green forest of myth, where Pokémon flourish at one with nature. A Child of the Verdant Forest can communicate on a deeper level with all Pokémon, sensing their thoughts, feelings, and emotions and communicating on a deeply empathic level without using a Warp Band. They also have the ability to transfer their own vitality and lifeforce to heal Pokémon, even in the heat of battle. Child of the Verdant Forest is unique to Union natives.

Pokémon Bonded: 24

Abilities: Initial - Orihime has access to three types of 'rejection shields,' similar to her canon abilities. She can summon a defensive shield, similar to the Protect move. It only lasts one round, and while she's using it, she can't take any other actions as she must concentrate to maintain the shield. At any level, this shield can only protect one person, or a small cluster depending on how closely people are willing to stand together. This power is tied to her emotional stability as well, and as such, it's fragile and easily shattered if she's upset. The second ability emulates the 'Cut' skill, a telekinetic attack that slashes through tough plants and some enemies for battle damage. She's slow with it at this point, and it doesn't do THAT much damage, but it's better than carrying around a machete. Finally, her most unusual skill is her healing rejection. At this level, it can take her hours to heal injuries, but she's thorough.


Farfetch'd - Enraku
Yanma - One-Half
Kirlia - Pepper
Grimer - Puddles
Trapinch - Sparuku
Dustox - Pyih
Slakoth - Rugby
Patrat - Scout
Kadabra - Copper
Doduo - Porque & No-Los
Shroomish - Charlie Tunoku
Hoothoot - Woodsy
Wynaut - Gondelf
Miltank - Purell
Seel - Rosie
Voltorb - Voltquiorra
Rufflet - Trumpy
Chikorita - Thyme
Starly - Vega
Machoke - Colossus
Slowpoke - Blur
Tauros - Romeo
Zubat - Gundam
Bellsprout - Bella


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