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Offensive subjects (elaborate): You're not likely to get anything like that from Orihime, though I don't mind putting her in darker situations.

Hugging this character: Yes, feel free. Orihime LOVES hugs, though she'll seldom be the one to initiate one just because she's afraid of trespassing on someone's personal space.
Kissing this character: Ask first, as it might be kind of a big deal for her depending on the game she's in. In Proxima, go for it.
Flirting with this character: It'll likely go over her head, but go nuts!
Fighting with this character: Sure!
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Yes, but no torture, maiming, dismemberment, etc.
Killing this character: Depends on the game. Nothing permanent, please.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure!

[Reverse Permissions]
Healing your character: Orihime is an extremely gifted healer, due to the fact that she doesn't exactly heal. She erases the event that caused the injury or infliction in the first place, so even scars can be wiped out, and severed limbs replaced as good as new. Let me know if there's anything you DON'T want her to heal.
Detecting your character's spiritual presence: Orihime can sense someone's spiritual signature, or "reiatsu", and can even tell them apart if she knows a person well enough. Let me know what she'd feel from your character (if anything)!

Warnings: Very few. Orihime's kind of a dork. She can slip into a melancholy mood, though this is fairly rare for her.
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Name: Orihime Inoue
Level: 32
Class: Lass
Type: Fairy, Normal
Ability: Child of the Verdant Forest: The Trainer is blessed by the green forest of myth, where Pokémon flourish at one with nature. A Child of the Verdant Forest can communicate on a deeper level with all Pokémon, sensing their thoughts, feelings, and emotions and communicating on a deeply empathic level without using a Warp Band. They also have the ability to transfer their own vitality and lifeforce to heal Pokémon, even in the heat of battle. Child of the Verdant Forest is unique to Union natives.

Pokémon Bonded: 24

Abilities: Initial - Orihime has access to three types of 'rejection shields,' similar to her canon abilities. She can summon a defensive shield, similar to the Protect move. It only lasts one round, and while she's using it, she can't take any other actions as she must concentrate to maintain the shield. At any level, this shield can only protect one person, or a small cluster depending on how closely people are willing to stand together. This power is tied to her emotional stability as well, and as such, it's fragile and easily shattered if she's upset. The second ability emulates the 'Cut' skill, a telekinetic attack that slashes through tough plants and some enemies for battle damage. She's slow with it at this point, and it doesn't do THAT much damage, but it's better than carrying around a machete. Finally, her most unusual skill is her healing rejection. At this level, it can take her hours to heal injuries, but she's thorough.


Farfetch'd - Enraku
Yanma - One-Half
Kirlia - Pepper
Grimer - Puddles
Trapinch - Sparuku
Dustox - Pyih
Slakoth - Rugby
Patrat - Scout
Kadabra - Copper
Doduo - Porque & No-Los
Shroomish - Charlie Tunoku
Hoothoot - Woodsy
Wynaut - Gondelf
Miltank - Purell
Seel - Rosie
Voltorb - Voltquiorra
Rufflet - Trumpy
Chikorita - Thyme
Starly - Vega
Machoke - Colossus
Slowpoke - Blur
Tauros - Romeo
Zubat - Gundam
Bellsprout - Bella
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Name: Faetan
Contact Information: [plurk.com profile] faetan
Time Zone: PST
Characters Played: Elaine Mallory

Character Name: Orihime Inoue
Character Canon: Bleach

History: http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Orihime_Inoue

AU History: Much of the events are very similar, up through the age of thirteen. Orihime was raised by her brother, Sora, twelve years her elder. Because of their abusive and neglectful parents, he ran away with her when she was three years old and raised her on his own. Growing up, Orihime was bullied frequently at school and on the way home from school as well. She kept her hair cut short so as not to worry her brother, and never told him what was going on since she thought he was already doing so much for her already. The night before he died, he bought her a pair of hairpins, which Orihime passionately rejected because she was afraid it would draw more attention to her from the older kids that harassed her. They argued, and the next day there was an accident that caused his death. Orihime fell into despair. This is where her history deviates from canon. In her original story, she meets Tatsuki a year later when they're thirteen. Tatsuki snaps her out of her funk and protects her personally, giving Orihime a reason to feel safe and loved again. She grows her hair out as a result and goes through high school making several friends because she knows she can be herself.

But Tatsuki isn't in this world, and neither is Ichigo who was her crush for many years. As such, Orihime had no one she could turn to after her brother's death. The sister of one of her parents sends Orihime enough money for her to live, but she's still got to live frugally, which means a small apartment, sewing her own clothes, and stretching her food budget as far as it will go with sale items. In school, Orihime still does her best to keep her head down and stay unnoticed, which means intentionally getting some questions wrong to maintain an average grade. This means less income from her aunt, who bases her stipend on the quality of her grades, but it's a good trade for Orihime if it means her peers won't pick on her for being smart. She dresses as plainly as possible, favoring muted colors over bright ones, and of course, her hair is still short.

Canon Personality: Orihime's personality is layered. The personality she presents openly to others is much different than her hidden insecurities and fears. On the outside, she appears cheerful, exuberant, and many have stated that she doesn't 'look smart.' It's not that she's trying to lie, and most of the time she is pretty happy and easily excited about things. But she also has a tendency to keep that front going when she's sad or lonely.

One of Orihime's greatest values is a sense of humor. She takes comedy very seriously, studying the different forms and types and trying to put them into practice. Even her toy bear, Enraku, is named after a Japanese comedian. This is a big part of the reason why most seem to think that she's ditzy, or dumb. She just thinks she's being funny and others don't realize she's just joking around. She does this when infiltrating the Vizard's hideout to find Ichigo, and greets them by asking where the bathroom is. They're not quite sure what to make of her. Orihime also becomes temporarily depressed when she thinks Urahara criticizes her for not having a sense of humor.

Her second driving motivation is a desire to feel needed, especially when her friends are involved. She tries so hard to be useful, and when she feels like she can't keep up, her self esteem plummets. Orihime trains relentlessly to be a better fighter and improve her powers, leaping onto any opportunity that's offered. There's very little she wouldn't do for her friends, or even total strangers, so long as she feels like she's useful. She's even said that she would rather be lonely and left behind than be a burden to her friends.

Finally, and most obviously, almost everything she chooses to do is for the sake of Ichigo. She's loved him for a long time, and her infatuation has only increased the more time they've spent together. When asked why she went to Soul Society to save Rukia, she replied that she did it to protect Ichigo. He's the one she chooses when she's allowed to say goodbye to one person, and if he's feeling down, she seems to feel some sense of responsibility, especially if she can't help him to feel better. Her reasons for loving him aren't ever outright stated, but in the beginning she says she just likes imagining his eyebrows. Likely his unusual expression, scowling even when he's smiling or being kind, was funny to her and cheered her up while her brother was being treated in his family's clinic. Then the more she learned about him, the more her affection deepened. Despite this, she's never been able to summon the courage to tell him how much she cares. When she tries to kiss him, she breaks down in tears and admits that she just can't, even though she thinks it's the last time she'll ever see him. It's possible that she just wants him to care for her on his own, and that confessing her feelings will make him feel obligated. Or maybe she's just afraid that he might reject her -- she does seem to think that he's in love with Rukia, and has confessed being jealous despite how much she loves and admires Rukia, which makes Orihime feel terrible.

Though Orihime's cheer and humor make her appear derpy, she's very intelligent and creative. She has the ability to learn new skills quickly, even faster than the rest of her friends when they're taught to send their spiritual energy into the spheres at the Shiba household. Her grades are exceptional, and she ranked third out of her grade level on her tests. Part of this is due to her hard work, as the money she receives from her aunt is based on her grades, but she's also got the brains to make it to the top. She's demonstrated her quick thinking when paired with Uryuu Ishida in the Soul Society, and suggests that they can move around more easily if they disguise themselves as shinigami.

Not only is she cagey, she's also shown that most of the time she's incredibly perceptive. She's one of the few who recognizes that Ishida isn't a bad person from the very beginning, and seems to get along with him far better than the others. Orihime is particuarly keen for recognizing when her friends are upset or sad, even when they try to hide it with a smile. But this isn't always the case. There are times when she's way off the mark, like when she states that Ishida must be in love with Rukia because he made her such a cute dress. She also seems oblivious to Ishida's affection for her, just because she's so focused on Ichigo.

Orihime lives fairly humbly, demonstrating a knack for being frugal and watching her budget. She sleeps on a floor mat, as she doesn't seem to have room in the apartment for a bed and probably can't afford one. She sews her own clothes. One might even assume that part of the reason she has such odd tastes when it comes to cooking comes from her limited budget -- she makes what she can based on what she can afford. This is also probably due to her sense of excitement and adventure, in that she always loves trying new things and having different experiences. Her cooking is bizarre, but her desserts are supposedly incredible. She states that her dream is to open a cake shop, which is probably why she takes a job at a bakery later. She's also proved to be athletic and good at sports, and seems to really like robots and laser beams for some reason.

There are very few people that Orihime doesn't get along with. She's polite, thoughtful, and quick to give earnest compliments at whatever she admires. She has a knack for making friends, even able to cause the grumpiest and most reticent people to warm up to her. Orihime's a great friend who works hard to look after people, whether it's trying to cheer them up, or leaving them bags of extra bread that she's allowed to take home from the bakery. She's a good listener, agreeable almost to a fault, and a hard worker. She also does her best not to take anything for granted, because she knows how uncertain life can be, and that the people she cares for could be gone the next day. Because of this, she strives to make each moment memorable, and lives each day to the fullest.

In the deepest parts of her personality, Orihime is surprisingly insecure. Despite her good looks and her admirers (which she doesn't seem to realize she has), she doesn't really seem to think that she's good enough to be what Ichigo deserves. She beats herself up over her flaws and mistakes, and is quick to make self-deprecating remarks about her clumsiness or her weight. She tries so hard, but more often than not, she has no real pride in herself or her accomplishments. When she confesses her jealousy, she says she's disgusting, and breaks down in tears.

She's also desperately afraid of being lonely. She talks to her brother's picture about everything that happens, long after she's already said goodbye to his Hollow self. She felt responsible for him being a Hollow in the first place because she begged him not to leave her when he was dying. And despite this guilt, she does the same thing when Ulquiorra kills Ichigo. She screams tearfully at him for help, and this awakens his most monstrous and powerful form as a result.

At one point, Ishida observes that Orihime is the type who doesn't like seeing anybody get hurt, even if that person is an enemy. Others have accused her of having no true killing intent. This is partly true; she definitely doesn't take joy in seeing another person suffer, no matter what they've done to her. The fact that she heals and resurrects the two female Arrancar who brutally assault her is evidence of this. But she isn't a pushover either. When the Hollow attacks and hurts her friends, Orihime states firmly that she won't forgive it, and shows no remorse or reservations about destroying it. She also shows her anger and willingness to fight when facing Ulquiorra and Yammy, as well as when she demands to know if Shishigawara was the one who attacked and injured Ishida. He's completely shocked at how quickly her cheery and sweet demeanor changes the moment she makes the connection. In short, she prefers peace, but will never shy away from a fight or a challenge because she understands the costs of losing.

These darker aspects of her personality aren't something she likes to admit, most likely due to her childhood habits of hiding her troubles from her brother -- she didn't want him to worry about her when he was already working so hard and sacrificing so much to take care of her. She also seems to have carried over her guilt from fighting with her brother the night before he died, and shows a lot of aversion to contention and fighting. When someone does recognize and point out that she's faking her cheer, she'll sheepishly come clean, but more often than not she tries not to give other people a reason to worry about her. So she'll put on a smile, make dumb jokes, and keep herself busy to avoid becoming depressed. Most of the time she's pretty good at it, but she does have her rare moments where she completely breaks.

AU Deviation: Orihime (starting out) is far more reserved and quiet, doing her best to simply blend in and be left alone. She's desperately lonely but doesn't dare expose this side of her for fear of being targeted further. The only time she truly expresses any happiness is when she's alone at home, chatting with her brother. She puts on her best smile and tells him how great her day was, even if it was awful. She believes his ghost might worry if she tells him she's sad, so she makes sure to act cheerful when she's home. It's not a complete act, as she does find a certain sort of joy and pride in cooking her own meals, and creating clothing with her own two hands, but she does miss him terribly and feels very much as if she's completely on her own.

This is just to begin with, however, because she's not destined to be a sadsack for the rest of her life. After meeting Ryuko, a sort of AU Tatsuki replacement, Orihime will begin to grow and find her confidence. It will take some time, as she won't bloom overnight, but the more people she can interact with positively, the faster she'll align with her canon dorky self. She has a lot of talent and intelligence, and a big heart to boot, and will grow quickly in a better environment with people who truly care about her.

Canon Abilities: Orihime's powers can be separated into two categories: her powers manifested through her hairpins (the Shun Shun Rikka), and her own natural spirit energy. With her spirit energy, Orihime is able to gauge the spiritual power of others by the strength of their souls, as well as regulate her own energy to let it blaze bright, or compress it to avoid detection from enemies (like Hollows) that would seek her out.

The Shun Shun Rikka is more complex, as they are comprised of six tiny spirits that are representative of different aspects of Orihime's own soul. Tsubaki is her offensive ability, and she uses him to cleave an enemy in two. Shun'ou and Lily allow Orihime to reject events within a limited space -- this is similar to healing, except that it's a sort of time reversal effect that prevents the injury from ever taking place to begin with, so her 'healing' means that there will be no scars or other indications that the person was ever attacked. Her limits with this power still haven't been reached, and objects are also affected (such as a person's clothes). This ability is sometimes viewed as the most dangerous, as it's entirely possible for her to reject someone's existence entirely. Thankfully, Orihime isn't nearly that awful, and she would never use her powers in such a way. The last three spirits, Hinagiku, Baigon, and Lily, form a shield that rejects attacks. This shield is almost unbreakable...ALMOST. Her powers are entirely dependent on her own strength of will, and if Orihime is emotionally compromised, this shield becomes brittle and easily shattered. More recently, Orihime has managed to combine Tsubaki with this shield for a combination that not only prevents attacks, but reflects them back upon the attacker. Her shield might seem powerful, but keep in mind that it only protects her from direct attacks aimed at her front. Tsukishima was able to appear behind her and run her through with his sword.

Enlightened Abilities: Orihime's Types: Fairy, Normal. 'Fairy' is a wink toward the six spirits comprising her canon powers, which very much resemble fairies and bear the names of flowers. Normal? Normal might not have much to offer, but under the right circumstances, it can be trained up to something pretty darn awesome. It also ironically kind of makes it hard for ghosts to hurt her and vice versa...

Her abilitiy is Child of the Verdant Forest. Orihime has a knack for accidentally making friends, and this will likely apply to Pokemon as well.

She has no Enhanced items to begin with.

Enlightened Abilities

Orihime begins the game as fairly weak and not much better than any other average human. However, the stronger her confidence and conviction grows, the more her true spirit begins to manifest her Enlightened side in ways she couldn't have predicted.

Initial - Orihime has access to three types of 'rejection shields,' similar to her canon abilities. She can summon a defensive shield, similar to the Protect move. It only lasts one round, and while she's using it, she can't take any other actions as she must concentrate to maintain the shield. At any level, this shield can only protect one person, or a small cluster depending on how closely people are willing to stand together. This power is tied to her emotional stability as well, and as such, it's fragile and easily shattered if she's upset. The second ability emulates the 'Cut' skill, a telekinetic attack that slashes through tough plants and some enemies for battle damage. She's slow with it at this point, and it doesn't do THAT much damage, but it's better than carrying around a machete. Finally, her most unusual skill is her healing rejection. At this level, it can take her hours to heal injuries, but she's thorough.

First Evolution - With greater confidence and experience, Orihime's powers are more reliable and able to perform a greater range of service. Her shield is tougher, the cutting technique deals more damage, and her healing rejection can now repair severed limbs (although this will take several hours or even days depending on the severity of the injury).

Final Form - At her strongest, Orihime is a formidable and versatile warrior. Her shield of protection not only prevents an attack from reaching someone, it may sometimes reflect directly back on the attacker. The slashing attack is capable of cutting weak enemies in half (though she'd be loathe to use it unless it were absolutely necessary), and her ability to heal the wounds of others is not only faster, but more substantive to the point where she can heal mortal wounds.

Starter Pokémon: Farfetch'd (I believe one was recently submitted to the lab!). I thought about getting her another one from the common list, but I think that would be more fun to RP instead.

Notes/Special Considerations: If any chance arises where Orihime might pick up her canon super healing ability (especially all of the Shun Shun Rikka), I would absolutely LOVE to make that happen! I wasn't sure how it would be possible in the game, though.


First-Person Questionnaire Substitute:
• What do you feel your role in your city is?
"My role? I'm not sure! I don't think I have anything all that special to offer right now. --Oh! But someday I'd like to run my very own bakery and cake shop. I think it would be amazing to make unique and cute desserts for everybody to enjoy, for both humans and Pokemon. It might actually be really interesting to see if their tastes are any different, wouldn't it?"

• The gods of old have returned. How would you be judged if you were chosen as a representative of humanity?
"Um...I think...I might be blown to pieces, ah ha ha! ...Hm? Why? Well, I mean, I don't really have enough courage to stand up for myself. And I know I can get jealous of people who can relate with others so much better than I can. It's a really ugly flaw to have. I wouldn't be disrespectful to the gods, but I really don't think I'd impress them. Sorry."

• When encountering a rare and powerful Pokémon, what is most important? Researching it, bonding with it, or defeating it? Why?
"I guess 'not getting stepped on by it' isn't an option, ha ha! I think bonding would be best. If you're already friends, then you can just ask questions and finish your research by getting to know it better. I'm not sure if 'bonding' is really a great option either, since it might not want that. But if I had permission, I'd love that. It would be a huge honor!"

• No Enlightened chooses their abilities - and not all are Enlightened. What type abilities would you most desire to manifest and why?
"Flight! I'd love to fly! I know that's not my type, but I really wish it were! Being able to leap into the air and travel anywhere I wanted, looking at the countryside below, feeling the wind in my hair... Ahhhhhhhh that would be the best! ...Oh, and laser beam eyes! Those would be really cool too."

• What area do you seek to explore? The peaceful forest, in search of new, previously overlooked discoveries; the uncharted caves, in search of the unknown; or the wildest of mountain terrain, in search of danger, adventure, and thrills?
"That's a tough one! To be really honest? All of them. I haven't really seen much of the world outside the city, since I couldn't afford it before. I want to live a rich life, and see as much as I can, and experience every possible environment. I guess I'd really like adventure the most if I had to pick one. I secretly enjoy that kind of excitement, and I used to daydream about it all the time."

Third-Person: (Borrowed from a previous game)

Orihime picked up the binoculars from the store shelf, intrigued by how compact they were from the usual binoculars she was familiar with. They were supposed to be travel-sized, and folded in two to make it easier to carry. Sure seemed light enough! She tested the weight in her hand, then unfolded the device to peer through the lenses. She swept the binoculars left and right in the store, from the magazine stand to the fruit boxes. "AHHH THE APPLES ARE HUGE! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"

Well. She thought it was funny anyway. Grinning, she put the binoculars into her basket along with the assortment of packaged energy bars and cans of juice she'd found. As one of two ship doctors, Orihime didn't think she'd be needed for much unless someone got a splinter. That meant she'd probably have a lot of time for sightseeing.

She took her list out of her pocket, unfolding the slip of yellow stationery to review the essentials she thought she'd need. "Eeto...a journal would be good if they have one," she noted aloud. "Maybe a few more sweaters, too." Waver had warned that it would probably get cold, so she would need to bundle up.

The camping supplies aisle seemed to have a lot of handy things. She picked out a compass and a swiss army knife, and made sure to add a few more sewing needles to her basket. There was plenty of thread at home she could pack into her...


"Ah ha ha, a suitcase would definitely be useful!" She rapped her knuckles against her temple. How else was she going to bring her things on board, throw them all in a sack and heft it over her shoulder? Good thing she remembered now, instead of the night before.


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